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VISITING AUNT NANCY - SEX STORIES VISITING AUNT NANCY There are some things that you're forced to do when you're young that you dread. For me, it used to be the annual journey I would have to make with my folks to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug each summer. The visits only lasted four or five days but to me they seemed to be never ending, and it was an annual event through the late 60's and 70's for us. I was an only child, and my mother's sister and her husband were childless, so while my mother yakked incessantly with her sister and my old man played cards on the back porch with Uncle Doug, I had to make do with playing a game I made up behind their garage, where I would throw my ball up onto the sloped roof and catch it when it came down. It's one of those things you do for hours when you're a kid, but as the years passed it got less and less interesting. How long can you pretend you're Mickey Mantle waiting to see