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HYPNOTIC LIFE My name is Eric and I have a story that you all need to hear I am 26 years old I was adopted as a baby and joined a wonderful family. My adopted parents died in 2010 leaving my adopted brother and his family as my only family members. My brother and his wife had a daughter who they named Elena I just called her Elly. When Elly was 16 her parents were in a car accident my brother died on impact my sister in law survived but was gravely injured. I received a call from the hospital at around 1pm I sped to the hospital when I entered her room she called me to sit beside her. Sarah said, “Listen Eric me and your brother had a discussion a long time ago that if anything were to ever happen to us that we wanted you to take care of Elena.” I responded, “I would be happy to take care of her but are you sure I am the right person for this responsibility?” Sarah said “yes you are the right and only choice there is something important I have to discuss with you about E


TASTE OF VANESSA Ding. The bell rings. From beneath her white cap the dark eyes tinkled, The golden skin shone, Glistening sweat on a raised eyebrow smirk The steaming stinking ass masterpiece leaning her hips against the hot metal table. Over the piping hot plates of Wild mushroom ravioli with creamy chicken, Sage butter wine bowls; Over pink sauce with linguini, five feet of overworked frustrations, Vanessa waited impatiently . “Traaaaaacy!” The restaurant was vibrating with the hum and jumps of a Friday night. Ding. Vanessa’s tan and muscular body leaned on the table, her elbow resting, one nail in her mouth, the other hand just above the bump of ass that rose out from beneath her white cooks apron. “TraaaaacY!?”    Her silky voice crescendoing to a climax of question and command. “What! I’m coming, would you chill the Fuck out” Muttered Tracy. Hair pulled into a ponytail, the mature bespectacled blonde Bostonian bitch Older and sultry with

Salon sex

Salon sex Rachel had just finished up with her last appointment. She was anxious to get home and relax. Her co-worker had done most of the closing duties in a rush to leave. Despite the rules Rachel excused her to go home as all that had to be done is to close out the till. Sara left as Rachel went to the back office to close out.  As Rachel sat she heard the chime of the door. She thought maybe Sara had forgotten something until she heard a subtle”hello”. This was a male voice. Rachel stood up and walked out to tell the customer they were closed. She just wanted to crawl in bed and pass out. As she turned the corner her jaw dropped. There stood the sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood 6’2” , 200 lbs with dishwater blonde hair and stunning green eyes. His style was casual but classy. Finished off with leather dress shoes freshly polished. “Are you closed?” The stranger bellowed. “, I can take one more” Rachel stuttered out.    Rachel led the cust

My Friends Mom Can Squirt | Fetish Story

My Friends Mom Can Squirt | Fetish Story It all started when i was 17. I used to be at my friend Christian's house all the time. He had 2 sisters, one younger and one older. He was my age (older by a couple  months), his younger sister was something like 7 or 8 years younger than us, and then his older sister, Lizzie, was 3 years older than both of us. They all had blonde  hair, just like the mother. She was in her 40's still, maybe 47, and she brought cougar to another level. The misses wasnt who i had my eye on though; it was  Christians sister. Lizzie was about my height, she had a petite figure with a perfect little bubble-butt of an ass, and a pair of perky C-cups that i couldve sucked on  for days. Whenever i showed up at Christians, i would always see his mom, and she was always make me feel at home, very polite to me, always complimenting me, and  always seeing how my health was; almost like she loved me like her own son.           I overlooked all of tha