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MY HUNG ROOMMATE TRAINED ME TO BE HIS BITCH. PART 1. First off, my fetish is sucking, I never knew I was a size queen till I had a BBC, it was fucking jaw dropping and head numbing. I loved it.  I first met Darriel in college, we both had the same classes together, and he stank of weed, so we definitely hit it off. We'd go to my car or his in between breaks. Before the year was over, I started wearing more girl clothes, because I was year in my transition and I was already plenty passable. My hair was a short bob, but I wanted it a bit longer to match this blonde wig I had. My body was filling out and I had tiny b cup tits to go with my huge butt, wide hips and small waist.  I was wearing a crop top hoodie with some short shorts and leggings when Darriel asked if I wanted to smoke a shatter at his place. The dorms I was living in prohibited indoor smoking. He lived in a 2 bedroom adjoining condo, and I immediately took to chilling on the couch.  Escort shemale Amst

Awesome Experience with Friend's friend | sex stories

Hi All, I am reading stories more than the decade. I am a big fan of sex stories and Thankful to SS giving me a chance to post my real story.  Dear Readers If any grammatical mistakes in my story kindly excuse me.  Well, am Single/Never Married male from Secunderabad. I met a woman through one of my friend ’s friend one. She’s mind blowing.. was introduced to her by my friend’s friend. We both greeted each other and spoke for sometime and we departed.    Let me explore how she look likes 5’9, Fair, Sparkling eyes, long hairs and stat’s are 36-30-38. The first time is flattered. I reached my home and masturbated thrice, I haven’t slept whole night thinking of her. I had to visit one of my friend’s place for weekend’s party met few old friends. Some female calling my name when I turned to see who’s calling me… to my surprise same women, I met her at other friend ’s place. I excused my friends and just moved with her to the balcony we both were sipping scotch


CHEATING FOR THE FIRST TIME It had been a whirlwind year. From graduating at University up north, to getting married, the arrival of our son and then accepting my first position in a job in the Big Smoke. And so it was, as a young family we headed excitedly down to London to start our new life together… One of my first tasks in my new job was to appoint myself a Secretary. We interviewed three girls, myself and my boss, all very well qualified, though one woman was a good fifteen years older than me, so it would’ve felt a bit like having my mother at work.  Which left a choice of two. One girl had slightly more experience, but in all honesty was a bit of a plain Jane, frumpy, with big NHS glasses and spots around her mouth. The other girl, less experienced but oh my, those dark brown eyes, raven hair and hour glass figure was spell binding, so once the interviews were completed I advised my boss she was the girl for me! “Are you sure now, John? Maybe not as well


THE PANTIES - ESCORT PRAGUE Fetish Stories Nick leaned back on the bed and sighed. When Monica said she was only going to be 10 minutes to freshen up, he knew it would be longer. She had asked him to come over and pick her up so they could go out for lunch. Of course, she wasn't ready yet, she had to ‘freshen up.’ He looked around her room, delighted at how feminine it was. As a guy he couldn't quite understand the need for all the bright pastel colors, frilly decorations and girly nick-knacks. He stood up and walked around her bed, letting his hands touch and explore the clothes strewn about. He stepped out into the hallway and looked down towards the bathroom, as he listened to the sounds of the shower; he realized he would still be waiting for a while, again. He sighed and decided to head down to the kitchen for something to drink and headed down along the hallway. As he passed the bathroom he knocked on the door and questioned Monica


SEXY TEACHER IN BOOTS I have always been attracted to boots. I've masturbated while picturing pretty schoolmates in boots. As a junior in high school though, I finally became attracted to a 31 year old woman. Her name was Mrs. Sil and she was my spanish teacher. When I was a junior in her Spanish II class, she wore boots around winter time. These were knee high flat heel black leather boots. She was wearing a form fitting black dress and her 32DD breasts were bulging under the dress. A lot of the guys in there tried not to stare, and I succeeded for the most part. When the day was finally over and I was back home I immediately started jerking off to her mental image and within 3 minutes blew my load all over the floor.   Escort girls in Ash   The next day she wore brown boots of the exact same type. She was wearing a white dress that accentuated her breasts even more. My cock was so hard the whole damn class I was embarrassed over the thought of my erection straining a