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MAKING A DARK FANTASY A REALITY My mother’s name is Pamela, she was 17, when she was married my father Esteban. My father was 21 at the time. My mother being Caucasian my father was a Latino bad boy made me a mixed gene individual. As I understand it my father lasted about 4 years and split, mom said she never saw him again. My name is Chris and I am 20 years old. My mom was a light hair brunette with beautiful green eyes and she had a body of that was out of this world and her tits always stood pointed. Mom was so very proportionate and had a great ass. My mother was HOT looking 38-year old woman. My friends, especially my best buddy Scott, were always making remarks how they would like to stuff the cocks up her pussy and ass. Scott was always commenting, what a fucking MILF! Instead of getting angry, I found these remarks excited me because for a long time I had stopped thinking of my mother as a mother, the only way I thought of her was a slut, so many times I fantasize

Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 1| Incest Stories

Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 1 It’s Saturday April 14th 2018. I normally return back for dinner at 7 pm but in the morning when we wake up and having our coffee, Nicole told me about inviting Mariana tonight for dinner and if everything goes as planned she might sleep over and asked if tonight is ok with me. Niky was there, showed much enthusiasm encouraging me to accept, “Yes daddy please, we will have a big party and a lot of fun tonight, you will like Mariana as well, let’s fuck that bitch.” I'll explain later what is planned for Mariana and for what reasons.  I replied, “As you like Nicole, no problem with me regarding tonight.” I looked to Niky saying, “Don’t judge people sweetie, we talked about that before, right?” “Yes daddy but I use the word bitch in good way, as you taught me,” Niky replied with a big smile on her face. I smiled back saying, ”Ok my young sweet bitch.” Nicole laughed and said, “Sure she is, Niky lo