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That 70's Porno Pt. 02 | Celebrity Stories

That 70's Porno Pt. 02 | Celebrity Stories 2018-09-28 THAT 70’S PORNO PT. 02 --Early Monday Morning, Outside Point Place High School The sun was just barely coming up outside of the school as Hyde, Donna and Fez met  underneath the flagpole in front. “This is so lame,” Hyde said as he watched the first of the students walking into the  school. “Yeah, tell me about it,” Donna agreed. “Yes, tell me about it too,” Fez chirped in. Hyde looked around but none of the rest of their group had shown up yet. “Man, I’m  sick of waitin’ for everybody else,” he said with a grunt, “Wanna just skip first period and  head down to Foreman’s basement. I got a misdemeanors worth of the cure for the  Monday Blues.” Donna thought it over for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. “Sure, why  not.” “Yes, I am also needing to be cured of the blue Mondays,” Fez chirped again. Twenty minutes later the three friends were sitting in their circle i