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Tanveer and his master's friends | Indian Stories

TANVEER AND HIS MASTER'S FRIENDS Tanveer suggested one day I should meet his master. He had a master long before he and I met. The master was his father's employee -that did not make any difference. Tanveer enjoyed sucking him off, getting fucked and generally be humiliated and degraded.  It was one thing to have Tanveer over and we sucked and fucked eached other and he loved being punished by me.He had his cock in my mouth when asked me  "Will you like to meet Arif?" He asks, he knew I could say anything with a mouthful of cock. I was enjoying it after he shot his load in the new condom , though his cock was deep in my throat. I wanted swallow that cum. He pulls his cock out. "You did not answer" He says I slap his balls hard,  "How the fuck do you expect me to say anything when I have your worhtless piece of meat down my throat?" "Ok now you can talk" "Fine I

The Egg Ch. 1 | sex story

The Egg Ch. 1 The woods that made up Verdant Springs could be called eerie. A mix of tall old birches and pines that grew thicker the deeper on travelled off the paved paths that wove through it. Moss grew in great blankets across the ground broken by small game trails and paths.   The young boy who walked down a dirt path didn't find the deep wood eerie, but a refuge. Dried tears clung to the boys cheek as he navigated the path as hastily as possible. The far away laughter of other people tormented him as he sought a favorite sanctuary. In his mind any laughter heard A small creek that carved its bed through the woods. Jacob Grand walked down the path in to his sullen self. A look that he wore just like the big baggy clothes and thick-rimmed glasses he sported. At five-foot nine, Jacob's obese frame often meant comparisons to a whale. Grand he couldn't be called except maybe if his expanding waistline counted. To the jocks, it counted.  "Why?"